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Check-in on this page regularly for hints and help to help you get to the 'beyond'...

Hello there!

Use this page for yourself, when you feel the need for a little support. I'm going to start adding short articles, ideas and exercises that may just help you jump start into the pool of finally getting past this creative hell.

Better still, scroll to the bottom and fill out the form, send it to me and I'll send you weekly ideas, especially centred towards your particular need. If I can't help you, I will at least endeavour to find the person who can. Confidentially of course. If you feel inclined, we will start an online support group where we will support each other's creative paths. 

Here are some starting points to at least put you in the right frame of mind. Use them even if your stumbling block is 'every now and again', a glitch you wake up during winter moments. Use them as starting points if your block is more ingrained. Take as long as you need. The main thing is to recognise it will come back. No rush.

One of my favourite things in life is a visual diary; or, if you like, just a place to record your thoughts. Some people call this your 'daily pages.

First and foremost everyone needs one, regardless of what type of creative life they identify with. Actors, musicians, performers, writers could use them equally as well as a visual artist does. 

I have many. Most unfinished, still ongoing, but I wander through them often and find inspiration from a sketch done perhaps years ago. It's like discovering an old friend. Some pages are blank, some lines and some with a graph pattern.
Or, if you like a book to write, jot some notes, quote favourite lines, get yourself a book you can hold in the palm of one hand so it gives you a sense of belonging to you. 

Feel free to fill one of these with any of the following exercises or action snippets/notes on possible problem areas or take notes for future ideas that will be added to assist you. Check back regularly to find more. 

Exercises to get you back in the groove: 
Regardless of your genre of creativity, use these exercises to start thinking outside the square. Some you will open and not feel inclined to work with; that's totally fine as we are all different. Others, you may use over and over again, in different ways and in your way. 

Some are shorter than others, sized at postcard size so that you can print them for your own personal use and place them within your journal. I only ask that if you share them with others, to acknowledge them being part of this project and myself. Enjoy. 

Exercises: (updated and added to regularly)






 Action Plan Snippets to place somewhere around where you work to help you think: (More soon)




Your Beyond Challenge - Want so help?

Struggling, or just want someone or a group to support you during a project that is new?
We are creatives who will support you during times of creative block or attempt to find you the right mentor, a person of support. If you follow the blog page or just read the interviews, you will probably realise we all have been there (or still are) and 'get' your struggle. 
On the page, there will be activities, ideas and weekly challenges to get you started. No charge, no commitment, just your own way of working through it, with valuable feedback, weekly support and understanding. You choose how you want to achieve your 'beyond'.

Join in and create your own 6-week challenge. Fill in the form below so that I can help you or put you in touch with someone who can. 


For initial contact and to let us know what you want from the Creative Isolation & Beyond project, how we can help you.  

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