There's a little secret once a week Thursday club in the hills of Armadale that only a select few know about. A chosen, delightful and gorgeous few. A word of mouth thing that is kind of like a gentlemen's club but without the gents. I'm lucky enough to be one of the few and included in the mix. hands

We call it the 'UFO' club.

No, not women who fantasise about being taken by little green men who fly silver saucers. And we don't dress up funny in furry costumes and chant incessant guttural 'ooms'. Well, some of our clothes may be splattered in paint or dye and we do dress a little colourful at times. Our language and manner of address is a little colourful at times as well, but I think our collective life histories still make us earn the prefix of 'ladies'. 

The group is called 'The Unfinished Object Club'. Started during the Isolation. We meet on Thursdays and finish unfinished pieces that need completion. Some are painters, others textile artists and some, well, a bit of everything (I guess that's me). We sit around a table, sometimes a log fire and share ideas, stories and most of all, companionship. Heads are bent over bits of cloth, hands are busy moving over paper or canvas but most of all we share. Give feedback, support and laughter to each other. The thing is we attend by choice when we can when we need to.  It's kind of like an art movement, but without the dogma. Bringing needle, cloth or paint, whatever your creative self needs that day. 

I can genuinely say that this group has become my tribe. Each person adds to the mix in a delightful, unique way. Just last week we sat together, busily 'doing', chatting and content. I'm amased at what everyone brings to the table 'literally'. The items are exquisite and unique. All different. As are we all. It's taken me a long time to find my true group. Lucky to have them.

I would divulge the UFO's names, but that would be telling and our little group likes the anonymity. The place, a local gallery is well known and has a fascinating family history. But let's leave those doors closed for now...

And like a mother hen, we have a superb friend who serves us soup, bread and naughty food to boost the brain and keep us fed. Cheryl is like an angel with a heart as big as Uluru, who claims she is just the dish washer-up-er. But the way she throws ingredients, spices and garnishes together is sublime. An artist for sure as she also sews and creates bits and bobs-if we can get her to sit still.

I thought I would show you a recent UFO project of mine, just finished. For another creative called Jess Skelton, a singer from The Skelton Collective. She will be gracing the interview page soon, together with part of her band. Here we have 'Musical Jess' Sneasels. Sneaker Easels. Never repeated, not even twice. jessshoes

Cheers, my creative lovelies.