Genre: Painter, writer, philosopher 
Themes: Varied, narrative, abstraction and spiritually aware themes. 
Location: Roleystone, WA

 Film Interview

Episode 2 of Corbeau Art Space's Creative Isolation and Beyond project. 

This is truly an interview not to be missed. 

David Giles is an internationally known, award-winning artist with a varied and successful career. He is home-based in Roleystone with two Fremantle galleries and has recently written a book. His work is explorative and he works in the moment, responding both atmospherically and or in an abstract manner.

The interview is a truly interesting one; raw, intimate and at times a brutally honest one as David talks about how a near-death experience brought him back to art-making and purpose. I felt genuinely touched listening to him and felt at times it was not an interview as such, but a sharing, warm experience and David was the reason it was like that. He was a joy to interview.

Both David and I share common ground by talking about how our inner struggles fight against the need to create and get over moments of creative block. David talks of inner emotional battles, of his love of mark-making and how the time frame of COVID 19 produced for him a series of paintings that visually emulate how the pandemic affected our human psyche. David generously shares his studio space and shows us some of his favourite works.

Thank you to JAK Films for filming, editing and producing the series.

Pop over to the gallery to see some of David's work. 

Links to David's galleries:

David Giles Art Gallery

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