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Ian Lilburne

25th Nov 2020
Genre: Singer/Songwriter, Musician, Photographer
Themes: Vocal narratives about life and soul reflections. Influences are various; through prose and poetry, wordplay and genres of music.  
Location: Perth, WA
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Jess Skelton

10th Oct 2020

Genre: Vocalist, Musician, Writer 
Themes: Narratives about life;mental health, fiction, love, coming of age, feminism.  
Location: Kelmscott, WA

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David Giles

22nd Aug 2020

Genre: Painter, writer, philosopher 
Themes: Varied, narrative, abstraction and spiritually aware themes. 
Location: Roleystone, WA

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Sharon Mackay

22nd Jul 2020

Practice Genre and techniques: Ceramic (Clay /Pottery specialising in Raku Firing, Pit Firing and Saggar Firing)
Location: Western Australia.

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Soma Mandal Datta (Dr)

22nd Jul 2020

Genres: Mixed media, intuitive art practice     
Themes: Varied   
Location: Perth           
Business: Tranquil Canvas          

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R. A. Whitworth (Becky Whitworth)

21st Jul 2020

Creative genres: Visual arts and Novelist
Themes Visual Arts: The ocean or natural world  
Mediums: Varied 
Themes Writing: Alternative universes, inspiration from historical Celtic themes.            
Bristol, U.K 

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Sharon Williams

20th Jul 2020

Genres: Multidisciplinary - Watercolour and acrylic painting, acting, singer, songwriter, musician, author and bookbinder        
Themes: Multiple depending on the medium.      
Location: Wheatbelt, Western Australia  

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Virginia O'Keefe

19th Jul 2020

Genres: Textile art and writing/poetry 
Themes: Varied, mainly social commentary   
Location: Roleystone, WA 

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Michael Earl Jones

15th Jul 2020

Genres of Creative Practice: Painting and Drawing
Themes: Figurative. Mainly iconic celebrities and musicians 
Location: Western Australia 

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Calling for Interviews

9th Jul 2020

Are you interested in being a creative people can learn from, gather strength and support from?

You have the option of being filmed or sending in a written reply, particularly if you live outside WA.

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