Hello there 

My name is Julie Fearns-Pheasant.

I'm an artist/illustrator with a few degrees hanging off my belt, several art exhibitions (group and solo) to my name, and, oh, yes, a few shiny medals slung in a forgotten drawer somewhere. Happy to send you a CV if you want one, but this page isn't just about me.

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I'm also a qualified teacher; been teaching art for well over twenty years in all sectors; Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary. Some of the young ones affectionately call me 'Mrs. Fez'. I have a few pet names that I know of, but we don't know each other yet, so I will leave them for now. 

You'de think someone with so much experience wouldn't get caught in the net of the dreaded 'creative block'. Oh yes, fellow creatives. Dried up, left home, hopped on a plane (wait, can't do that right now), or gone for a jolly long trek to signpost Abyss. 

Ah, but wait; it ain't all doom and gloom. Sensitive and stubborn traits go well together...

I live in a really nice place scattered across the South-East of Perth, Western Australia. Its called Armadale. Full of artists, musos, and poets. The City council asked creatives to put in submissions for projects based on and around the concept of the Isolation of 2020. 

So here I am. I'm going to share my 'beyond the block' journey and offer you the chance to come to it too. With help. With advice.

I am happy to put my knowledge to your advantage. And if I don't know the answer, I'll find it. (Find the right type of creative to give YOU support)

I am going to post up ideas, advice (not just from me), videos of interviews from creatives who will share in warmth, and understanding how you are feeling.

I'll share processes, thoughts, and let you watch my journey at the same time (painful, but honest, I promise.)

Six weeks challenge. For me. For you, in a safe environment. 

So....This Creative Isolation Blog aims to help creative people get over 'block' during and isolation, regardless of type; visual arts, music, digital, performance; anything. Watching the process, joining in, or sharing journeys.

See you in the beyond. (Not that beyond; the one that screams of colour, sonnets, acting and dancing shoes. Unblocked)

Pop in and say hello 


(Corbeau Art Space)
Supported by City of Armadale (thankyou )